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Alma Lee Christian

April 18, 1930 ~ December 5, 2018 (age 88)

Alma lee Christian departed this world on December 5th for her next big adventure. Alma was born to Milburn and Oma (Wilkes) Green on April 18th, 1930 in Garfield, AR. Her first home was a small cabin which is now in Pearidge State Park. Her family was migrant workers between AR and CA, along the way Milburn and Oma gave birth to two sisters, Helen and Bonnie and 2 brothers Paul and Vernon. She helped raise all of them throughout all the moves and working in orchards and canneries. Alma graduated in January of 1948 from Modesto High School, where she met her best friend Pauline (Christian) Canada, which led to Alma meeting Pauline’s brother, Art, later to be wed to Alma on December 4, 1948 in a small ceremony with the Green and Christian families, along with a few close friends.

Alma and Art bought a brand new house in Modesto and lived there for three years, moving a few times in California befroe they decided to take a trip to Idaho in 1956. Art loved it, she wasn’t sold. However, with faith, trust and love in her heart they moved to Idaho. They rented their first apartment across the street from the governor’s mansion. Alma, talked with who she believed to be a gardener for the governor and preceded to tell him what was wrong here, turned out to be the governor himself, Governor Smylie.

By 1957, they purchased a house on the bench where Art and Alma both lived until their passings. Alma and Art welcomed their only child, Becki in September of 1958. They loved camping all over the state; their favorite lakes were Stanley Lake and Big Trinity Lake. Alma loved her trails, always hiking and exploring. Most of the time getting lost somewhere or another, she always said "If you don’t get lost, it’s not an adventure".

Alma lost her beloved Art November 23, 1978. She missed him greatly but was strong for not only Becki but all the kids and families that all came to calling him dad/family. Alma worked for St. Al’s downtown from 1962 until ’68 in the lab as a secretary. From ’68-’75 Alma worked for an internist where she was an all-round person, secretary. Receptionist, physician’s assistant. In 1975 Alma retired for all of two months and was back to working for Dr. Charles (Fuzzy) Stewart an oncologist, where she did what she previously done and then some more helping out where she could.. Working for Dr. Stewart she joined

the first hospice care to open in the Treasure Valley. As time went on Alma retired about a half a dozen times for about two months. After a short tenure of the Institute of Medical Technology she was back to working for St. Al’s in pre registration. She found this fulfilling; helping people was always something Alma did best.

In January of 1981 Alma, welcomed her first grandson into her world, Justin. Not long after in November of 1982 she welcomed her second grandson Grant. In 1987 she was over the moon when she got another grandson, Remington, almost 4 with bright blue eyes, blonde hair and a smile to melt your heart. She enjoyed watching her grandsons playing sports, performing in musical programs and encouraging her grandsons to learn and to grow a gentleman.

In 2004 she welcomed into her world her first great grandson Corbin, whom she called her crystal child. Watching him grow and spending as much time with him as she could. Corbin regularly attended church with her as much as possible and she loved it very much.

In 2007 she welcomed her second great grandson. Cooper. It was special for her as she was able to babysit young Cooper a few days a week until he was four.

As 2009 came along, so did her third great grandson was born, Gabe. This illuminated Alma as she thought she must have done something wonderful to have all of these amazing grandsons and great grandsons in her life. She often referred to them as the "Greats" and everyone came to only know her as GG (Great Grandma).

Alma loved family so much, as she grew up with four siblings; she decided to "adopt" a daughter. Kay Stewart became Becki’s sister. Kay married John Stewart, which meant she now had a son in law that she thought the world of. After Kay and John were married they adopted Michael in 1966. This was Alma’s "first" grandchild. Alma became elated when Kay and John adopted Patsy in 1968 and gave birth to Julie in 1969. Alma was so excited to be a young grandmother and have the opportunity to spend time with what she loved most! Her child, grandchildren and later great grandchildren. Michael and Wendy brought baby Mady into the world; Patsy birthed Katie, Cody, Cole and Lindsey. We cannot forget about the many "strays"…One being Kelly, Becki’s childhood best friend. Becki and Kelly together were hellions, always thinking they were getting away with anything they could, but Alma was generally one step ahead of them.

During the mid 90’s Alma finally found a spiritual teaching that aligned with her religious philosophy and began attending the Boise’s first church of religious science, now known as the Center of Spiritual living. During her tenure with COSL she had seen many ministers and practitioners come and go, she loved every one of them as she loved everyone she met. Alma’s passions were volunteering, yard saling, going to musicals, ballets and most importantly her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

After Alma suffered a heart attack in 1992 she decided to become a campground host in northern Idaho at the Huckleberry campground located on the St. Joe River. Alma volunteered at this campground for

13 years, becoming one of the main attractions for many years, making friends, acquaintances and adopting more family. She would organize a 4th of July parade with the kids every year and would dress up as a clown, as we all know she did in fact graduate from clown school.

Alma loved to travel anywhere, because she always made it an adventure. Whether it was camping, trips to Jackpot, cross country road trip with sister Bonnie, the yearly road trip to California with Becki and grandkids, having her wallet stolen in the metro station in France or even one time sneaking off to Mexico where she went parasailing.

Lee Bennett came into our lives when Lee married one of Alma’s best friends Ginny. After Ginny passed a few years ago Alma was there to comfort Lee during his tough time. As time went on Alma and Lee began to adventure together, Alma always said Ginny planned the relationship between Alma and Lee. Lee was dubbed Papa Bear, by Becki and the grandchildren. Alma and Lee had many adventures in a short amount of time, traveling to California, Oregon, Colorado, Islands in Pugent Sound and many trips to casinos in Pendleton and Jackpot

Alma was a generous, understanding, compassionate, loving a patient person. She would bend over backwards to help anyone in need. She adventured so much in her 88 years it is impossible to speak of all of them.

Survived by her daughter, Becki, Grandsons; Grant and Justin (Stephanie), great grandsons; Corbin, Cooper and Gabe. Sister Bonnie, brother Vernon (Caro) Nieces Angela, Vicki, Belinda, Lana, Sandy, Brenda and Joann. Nephews; Gary, Brian, Gene, Steve, David White, David Christian, Roger, Richard, Cory, Robert, Rusty, Tim and so many more to name. In addition to adopted daughter Kay Stewart, granddaughters Julie, Patsy and Wendy, great grands Mady, Katie, Cody, Cole, Lindsey and many others.

Predeceased by her husband Art, her parents Milburn and Oma, mother-in-law Annie Christian, brother Paul and sister Helen, sister-in-law Pauline Canada, grandson Remington Hanson, many other family members, friends and loved ones.

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